PLURA Board appoints new Managing Director

"Large growth and exciting opportunities lie ahead for PLURA"

The Board of Directors of PLURA are pleased to announce they have taken the decision to appoint Andrew Wright to the position of Managing Director. 

PLURA has exciting and significant growth potential over the next 3 to 5 years and this appointment is essential to focus the Board on its’ delivery.

Strengthening core capabilites to be able to continue to deliver new innovative products for the construction industry whilst producing them in the UK, to the best quality and customer service standards is essential to PLURA.


POLYsadeTM: PLURAs’ market leading GRP Safe to Touch palisade security fencing is going from strength to strength within Network Rail and Power operators alike, where it’s increasingly being specified as the GRP security fencing of choice by RAMs within Network Rail and major Power Operators such as UK Power Networks due to the fact that pales cannot be levered away from the rails as they can easily be done with all other GRP palisade fences.

On this front; there is some exciting news on the horizon for this product range coming in February.............