POLYsade® chosen to protect major power supply installation

Where sources of power are nearby; there is always a touch potential risk to surrounding metal fencing. The use of POLYsade® completely eliminates this risk.


A high-security site, which includes the use of an electrified perimeter security system attached to the top of the POLYsade® fence.

The design of POLYsade® provides a high resistance to unauthorised access. High strength box cross rails are machined in such a way as to conceal the back of the pale fixing.

The non-conductive nature of the POLYsade® also means there is no risk of this or any other sources of electricity on the site creating a touch potential through the fence.

The installation was completed very quickly due to the lightweight, pre-assembled nature of the panels.

As POLYsade® is non-corrosive and PLURA provides a full maintenance service, including replacement parts in the unlikely event that accidental damage should occur; it will remain protecting this asset for many, many years to come.