One of the Quietest Stations in the UK

Every station needs refurbishment at some point in its life time, even the ones you would have never heard of.

Sugarloaf, deep in the heart of Wales, until this year, was one of the quietest stations on the UK railway network until 2018. Being a single track deserted railway in the middle of nowhere, with an average of one visitor every 36 hours before the increase in tourism, it's hard to see why anyone would want to visit this secluded station. But its reputation of being a secluded single platform station is what drew tourists towards it. In 2018, Sugarloaf saw the same amount of visitors in the year as it had the previous 17 years collectively. 

In early February, the station closed, with Plura refurbishing the whole platform with its PLURAdeck™ Composite Station Platform alongside POLYsade® Back of Platform Security fencing complete with end of platform gate. Due to the quick installation time of PLURAdeck™, the Plura products allowed this station overhaul to be completed in under a month, at one of Wales's most secluded stations, with no disruption to rail service or closures on the line.