Bridge Parapet Extension

The ideal solution to extend the height of an existing rail, road or pedestrian bridge wall.

Composite Parapet extensions are the ideal solution to extend the height of an existing rail, road or pedestrian bridge wall. Making the bridge safer for bridge users from falls and touch potential from nearby electrics whilst assisting with noise reduction.

In recent times many bridge parapets are having to be raised in height to conform with Health and Safety requirements which protect from pedestrian access to drops and falls.

Being lightweight when compared with traditional brick, concrete and steel they also have minimal impact on the bridge structure.

Supplied either in sheet that can be cut to size on site or factory fabricated as a kit.



Composite GRP panels and fixing profiles are far lighter than traditional bridge extension materials such as steel and concrete, making the whole process of designing and installing the parapet extension far simpler.


We manufacture our sheet in many colours but also offer a painting service that will colour match panels to any existing bridge structure if required.


Our material cannot corrode or rot, is not affected by salts, water, oils, acids or alkaline. It is also unaffected by temperature variances. Thus; it’s lifespan and maintenance profile is far superior to steel or concrete.


No grounding to earth or bonding is required and so all products are ‘Touch-safe’ and ideal for bridge locations near potential sources of electricity.


No two bridges are the same which is where the versatility of this system comes into it’s own. Planks are machined to size and rear brackets tailored to each projects needs.


Fabricated from our in-house moulded GRP Sheet made from SMC Composite material. As each bridge is potentially different; we offer a design service.


5mm thick and cut to size on site or at the factory. Depending upon the size and loading; the sheet can be increased in thickness to 12mm.


Standard colour is Grey or Black but POLYboardâ„¢ can be moulded in many other colours and takes long life epoxy spray paint extremely well; so we are able to offer it in any standard RAL colour.


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