Hinkley Point Pedestrian Bridge

Plura POLYdeck were approached by North Somerset Council to provide a new pedestrian bridge on land being developed due to the new Hinkley Point power station. The council were keen to reduce the carbon footprint of the project so POLYbridge™ was the perfect option as it has a core made up of recycled bottles. 

The brief

The Hinkley Point power station project led to the need for new infrastructure, including a pedestrian bridge, on the adjacent land.

The project called for a record-breaking 14-meter-long bridge, boasting a width of 1.5 meters. This unique bridge was a substantial undertaking and required a carefully chosen construction material to meet sustainability goals.

North Somerset Council had set ambitious targets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. To align with these goals, POLYdeck's sustainable GRP solution was selected. The core of the POLYbridge was made from thousands of recycled plastic bottles, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional materials.

With the size of the bridge being a record-breaking 14m in length and 1.5m in width, this posed a unique challenge. The only viable alternative to POLYdeck would have been hardwood timber, which would have increased the project's carbon footprint due to the need for product importation and the depletion of natural resources. Timber would also have had a much shorter lifespan than GRP, due to the wet conditions in the area.

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The Outcome

POLYdeck's innovative solution addressed the sustainability needs of the Hinkley Point Pedestrian Bridge project efficiently. With a design life of 75 years, the POLYbridge not only exceeded expectations in terms of longevity but also provided a natural timber look. This was achieved using a core composed of recycled bottles. The entire bridge was manufactured in the UK, lowering carbon emissions due to no importing.  POLYdeck's commitment to sustainability and the environment made it the ideal choice for North Somerset Council, aligning perfectly with their 2030 carbon-neutral target and ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for the community.

Advantages of GRP

GRP is a great replacement for timber bridges, with many benefits.

  • 100+

    year lifespan

  • Non slip


  • Quick


"As part of the Council’s 2030 carbon neutral target POLYbridge™ was selected not only due to its recycled bottled core but also due to the size of this bridge, the only other option would be hardwood timber. That would mean an increased carbon footprint due to having to import the product plus the depletion of natural resources."

Chandan Bhumpelly
Highway Structures Manager, North Somerset Council

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