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POLYsade® GRP Security Fencing


  A PLURA product

POLYsade® is our flagship fencing product that is revolutionising the security fencing market. All pales ‘pass through’ the horizontal box section rails to provide increased resistance against ‘leverage’ of pales, compared to traditional steel palisade fences. The ultimate security is for all the pales to pass into the ground where they can be simply encased in concrete or buried into aggregate.

  • Made in the UK
  • Non-conductive
  • Long life

Features & Benefits


Factory assembled panels weigh less than 40Kgs for easy lifting.


Increased security due to “pass-through” pale design.

Strong and tough

Contains thousands of glass fibre strands, resistant to impact.

Quick to install

Panels are prebuilt at PLURAs production facility for fast install on site.

Non corrosive

GRP cannot corrode or rot, be affected by salts, water, oils, acids or alkaline.

Non conductive

No grounding to earth or bonding is required and so products are ‘Touch-safe’.

Options & Accessories

POLYsade® truly comes to its’ own when the full system is taken into account and it is this breadth and depth of options and accessories that marks it out from other GRP fence products, which are simply offered as component parts or fixed rigid panels.


Gates are made using the same pass-through design, so security is not compromised at all.

Colour range

Available in a wide variety of colours including grey, black, green and white.


Ideal in hard standing areas or where post burial is not an option.

Stairs and ramps

Ideal for the rail sector; these can be incorporated into the fence system.

Product resources

Learn more about POLYsade® GRP Security Fencing with the product resources. For more information on any of our products or services, please get in touch! 

Key clients for POLYsade® include...

PLURA Polydeck have served us well. They continuously perform as promised and we’ll be looking at replacing some of our other bridges with them in the future.

Martin James
Bring Engineer, Doncaster Council

We are delighted with the transformation that Polydeck’s flooring has given the station. Not only does it look better but it performs as promised.

Mary Savory
Estates Manager, Avanti West Coast

Product enquiry

To enquire about a product, or for more information, please use the form below or contact us.

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