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Greenpipe Cable Protection


  A PLURA product

Plura’s Sub-Terra Network Access System Division has partnered with Greenpipe, to market and distribute the range of “Snipp & Snapp™” split duct pipes and duct repair cable protection. Used in conjunction with our existing range of Sub-Terra chambers, we feel that we now have the perfect answer to all your cable protection issues.

Manufactured in 100% high quality recycled PP-EPDM. Designed to promote fast and easy installation of protection whether it is around existing or newly laid cables. Simple and quick installation without the need for tools leads to low costs. Innovative design and a well-developed locking system provide secure and reliable protection in many different infrastructure applications such as electrical distribution, power, Sub-stations, Rail infrastructure and even sub-sea cables.

With up to 22.5 degrees of radius within a standard length, the flexible and versatile design is perfect for above ground installations. The products provide protection in either temporary or permanent situations, above and underground, on land and in water, as well as in urban and rural environment, in tough conditions such as rock and uneven terrain, or on standard grassed areas.

In three main ranges starting with the Quicklock, the best selling Hardlock and then the heavy duty Panzer. Colours can be specified by larger asset owners, and the locks are easily printed with the relevant logo or service added. 

The product can also be used on sensitive sites for cable protection at railway tracks, wind, solar- and nuclear power plants.

  • Fast to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High strength

Features & Benefits

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp™ is the ideal alternative to cable troughs, traditional split ducts and duct repair units.

Split Duct

Enabling snapping the cable protection around already active cables. Thus, enabling repairing and replacement of specific parts of a damaged distance of cable or cable protection without the need of splicing and jointing to install new cable protection. Can also be used instead of a Heavy Cable trough.

Mechanical protection

Extended testing of ring stiffness and compressive strength has been carried out. Protects all cables and high value assets from damage and the weather as well as protecting the work-force.

Integrated sleeves

The units have a well designed integral joint system that secures one length to another, ensuring that there are no gaps and no opportunity for cables to become exposed. Also, enabling the split pipe to be angled (up to 22.5 degrees) in each pipe connection to follow the ground naturally.

Versatile and Flexible

Quicklock, Hardlock and Panzer offer the asset owner cable protection in many different situations. From hard to soft ground, from power to rail and from above ground to below sea. 


Easy installation

Fast and simple, no tools needed. Lightweight and easy to split and then snap around the cables. Comes complete with intergrated locking system that can be security locked if required. The product can be anchored to walls or floors if required.

Areas of Use

Electrical Distribution

Cable installation for powerlines can be challenging, for example rough terrain such as hard ground can make it impossible to reach the recommended cover depth. Snipp & SnappTM is a solution for every situation with different characteristics and sizes. This isn’t a new concept and has over 20 years history in the very hard Nordic environment. 


Temporary electricity on the construction site can be protected with cable protection. This includes over bridges, alongside roads, and even across build sites. Protect both your high-value assets, and also your personnel.

Optical Fibre

Fibre network cables are deemed as high-value assets. With rough terrain or where heavy loads are expected, it is a good idea to increase the fibre ducts mechanical protection
to avoid future cable damages. With the split solution of Snipp & SnappTM cable protection pipe, the pipe is easily snapped around the cables or even sub-ducts to protect these assets. This can be done post-install or during install.


Snipp & SnappTM products are ideal at airports. Protection of cables is paramount to allow safe working. Used in conjunction with our SubTerra range of Access chambers and covers, Plura are able to offer a full solution for all of your cable installs and upgrades


Greenpipe and Plura are proud of  our innovative solutions. By listening to the customers and installers in the industry,  we have developed products of high-quality recycled plastic for different anchoring applications. Such as street light poles, signs and E/V charger bases and foundations.

Windfarms/ Solar Farms

Unwanted downtime could be very costly. A reliable cable protection is therefore of high importance and should be included in any wind farm project budget. The split cable conduit of Snipp & SnappTM is a well-proven cable protection known to be a problem solver and to save time and money in wind farm/solar farm projects.


Railway projects often have temporary or even permanent cables still active laying on the ground while a platform or new track is built. These are usually installed in heavy concrete trough which is difficult to install and sometimes impossible to repair due to the significant weight. Our solution Snipp & SnappTM is a highly suitable cable conduit for this purpose. The pipes easily snaps around the active cable enabling continuous operation without the need of splicing and jointing.


Secure continued operation of power and data communication cables with sustainable and robust split cable protection pipes. Rapid and easy installation in the field without the need of tools. Simple and smooth transportation with standardized EU-pallets makes for easy handling on site.

Our split cable protection pipes in various qualities and sizes are suitable for different military bases and refugees camps. And thanks to the reusability the products could be dismantled and used at next site.

Nuclear Power Plants

It is of great importance that continued operation of powerlines and data communication is secured at Nuclear power plant sites. Our split cable protection pipes secures the cable, whether it is a temporary or permanent cable installation.

Sub-Sea Cable

Sub-sea cables are exposed for very rough conditions such as currents, stony seabed, sea traffic and salts. To protect the cable and make sure it last its lifespan a protective pipe is commonly used. Our solution, Snipp & SnappTM Panzar, is widely used at a various type of sub-sea cable applications.

Water / Sewage

Protect your water and sewage pipes with split cable protection pipes or protect nearby electrical cables, when repairing existing water main you can give extra protection from accidents to personnel and third parties.

Product resources

Learn more about the Greenpipe range of Cable protection products by downloading or getting in touch with our Technical sales team

Proudly supporting our ever increasing client base

Nationwide Rail chose Polydeck as the only supplier able to commit to the tight programme constraints, principally due to the fact their products are manufactured in the UK. I would like to thank PLURA Polydeck for their close and personal support throughout the project.

Alex McDermott
Managing Director, Nationwide Rail

PLURA Polydeck have served us well. They continuously perform as promised and we’ll be looking at replacing some of our other bridges with them in the future.

Martin James
Bring Engineer, Doncaster Council

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