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Greenpipe Cable Protection


  A PLURA product

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp divisible pipes™ is a wide range of split pipe cable protection of recycled plastic. All products are designed to promote the installation, save the installer inconvenient installations and contribute to a greener environment. Simple and quick installation without the need for tools leads to low costs. An innovative design and a well-developed locking system provide secure and reliable protection in many different infrastructure applications such as electrical distribution, railway and sub-sea cables.

  • Fast to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High strength

Features & Benefits

GENUS MEGAduct™ is the ideal alternative to traditional multiple duct banks.


Enabling snapping the cable protection around already active cables. Thus, enabling repairing and replacement of specific parts of a damaged distance of cable or cable protection without the need of splicing and jointing the cable to be able to install a new cable protection.

Mechanical protection

Extended testing of ring stiffness and compressive strength.

Integrated sleeves

Securing the lengthwise connection of the pieces, leaving no unprotected gaps. Also, enabling the split pipe to be angled in each pipe connection to follow the ground naturally.

Locking clamps and hinges

Securing the pipe halves.

Easy installation

Fast and simple, no tools needed.

Squared duct bores

Bores are square, providing up to 25% more cable-capacity compared to traditional ducts.

Product resources

Learn more about GENUS MEGAduct™ Multi Duct System with the product resources. For more information on any of our products or services, please get in touch!

Proudly supporting our ever increasing client base

Nationwide Rail chose Polydeck as the only supplier able to commit to the tight programme constraints, principally due to the fact their products are manufactured in the UK. I would like to thank PLURA Polydeck for their close and personal support throughout the project.

Alex McDermott
Managing Director, Nationwide Rail

PLURA Polydeck have served us well. They continuously perform as promised and we’ll be looking at replacing some of our other bridges with them in the future.

Martin James
Bring Engineer, Doncaster Council

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