Why Am I Here? - PLURA POLYdeck Merge

UK GRP Pultrusion and Compression moulding innovator Plura Composites Ltd. (known as PLURA Innovations) and producers of class leading GRIPFASTTM GRP anti-slip products, Polydeck Ltd, have announced the merger of their business operations to offer a unified GRP station platform and bridge solution to the Rail market.

Plura have acquired the Polydeck business, including the intellectual properties and customer base.

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Polydeck, with more than 30 years production experience, makes the industry recognised best in class high wear-resistant non-slip product range; GRIPFASTTM. GRIPFASTTM outlasts all ‘coated’ non-slip finishes by decades due to it’s unique near-diamond-hard resin embedded aggregate surface. When combined with Pluras’ fire resistant, structural pultruded profile products such as PLURAdeckTM it makes for a high quality, competitive alternative to the GRP products currently imported to the UK for supply into the rail sector. These are used in upgrades to station platforms, stairs and bridges.

UK production is a big tick in the box for Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies as they continue to roll out GRP as their material of choice to solve the considerable wear, gauging, conductivity and corrosion problems they have on thousands of their network assets.

In addition to its rail product range, Polydeck offers an exciting opportunity for PLURA in the Local Authority market with its POLYbridgeTM and POLYboardTM products. These are a range of highly innovative GRP structures that are nearly impossible to distinguish from natural wood. In addition, these products utilize a 100% recycled PET bottle core with a life expectancy in excess of 90 years, having the potential to remove hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon from the supply chain by replacing traditional treated timber product.


The expanded business will serve 200+ enterprise and government organisations across the UK and will employ more than 40 employees.

Plura are one of an exclusive club of UK pultrudes that can be counted on one hand and yet who find themselves in an area of huge demand for UK based production when imported products can’t offer the just-in-time short reaction times demanded by the construction industry supply chain.

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When asked about the takeover, Chris Knowlton, founder of Polydeck, commented:

“PLURAs acquisition of Polydeck Provides a major growth opportunity for both businesses, through the extended  technical, Marketing and production capabilities that Plura brings to our business,  I’ve been in the production and supply of GRP products for years now and I’ve  never seen such a positive response to a new and yet simple product like our Polybridges. 

PLURA Composites Limited acquires Polydeck Limited We’ve seen the bridges go from being a novelty to becoming the preferred method now for Local Authorities up and down the country as their means of maintaining the tens of thousands of Right of Way structures in their areas. 

Timber simply doesn’t last more than 5 to 6 years now and is very expensive to transport and construct in what can be very hard to reach locations. Polybridges and boardwalks can be carried to site by the installation team as they are so light and once installed, they won’t rot like timber. Add the fact that the core of them is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and they become almost irresistible to (Local Authority) engineers.” 

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