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MEGAduct™ Multi Duct System

MEGAduct™‭ is a high strength multiple bore duct system as a single 1 metre piece‭. ‬From 4‭ ‬to 9‭ ‬duct bores, predominantly 110mm equivalent size duct‭. ‬Produced from recycled polypropylene‭ ‬creating a strong, lightweight alternative to traditional ducting with fast installation on site without the‭ ‬need for duct spacers or expensive backfills‭.

Already used extensively in 10's of kilometers by Austrian rail operator OBB, MEGAduct™ is also widely used by data centres where large duct banks of cables are required. 

The high strength design of MEGAduct™ also means it can be buried much shallower than traditional ducts. As such it is ideal for use in under rail track and roadway crossings.

  • Fast to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High strength

Features & Benefits

GENUS MEGAduct™ is the ideal alternative to traditional multiple duct banks.

High crush strength

Can be buried shallower than traditional ducts with increased crush restistance when compared to traditional methods. Without the need for structural backfill, excavated material can be reused during installation, lowering time and cost of install


Lightweight and easy to handle, 1 metre lengths. MEGAduct is suitable for single person lifting and installation. The lightweight design aids in time and cost savings across your project installation

Buried Cable Routing

When combined with SubTerra, MegaDuct allows for a more secure ducting system than above ground cables. This helps prevent damage to cables as well as discourages theft and vandalism.

Simple joining system

MEGAduct™ has a male and female socketed connection and secures using pre-fitted clasps. This allows for quick and easy installation when on site. The socketed connection also allows for emilimation of any decoupling of ducts once installed

Fast installation

Eliminating duct spacers means much-reduced construction times when compared with traditional ducting.

Squared duct bores

Bores are square, providing up to 25% more cable-capacity compared to traditional ducts. Smooth interal walls also lowers risk of cable damage when routing cables.

How you can benefit from Cable Protection

Utilizing modern materials in the production of recyclable, lightweight, adjustable, and space-efficient products like MegaDuct™ presents superior sustainable solutions for safeguarding cables across various sectors and environments. By reducing the necessity for heavy lifting machinery during installation and optimizing shipping capacity to minimize the number of vehicles, we aim to mitigate excess carbon emissions. Additionally, our products offer a multitude of advantages, including decreased excavation and reduced dependence on imported materials during MegaDuct™ installation due to its structural characteristics enabling shallower burial depth and the use of as-dug material for backfilling.

Options & Accessories

The MEGAduct™ has a wide variety of accessories to suit your needs.

MEGAduct™ adaptor

A converter part from MEGAduct™ to traditional single ducts.

MEGAduct™ double socket

A female to female socket for joining two opposing MEGAduct™.

MEGAduct™ double spigot

A male to male spigot for joining two opposing MEGAduct™.

MEGAduct™ pre-formed bends

Provides a slow bend in a duct run, ideal for overcoming obstructions.


MEGAduct™‭ has been used in various installations across the world. The high strength allows for various applications including under track and road crossings, buried cable routes, data centre cable routing and more

SubTerra Integration

MEGAduct™‭ works seamlessly with SubTerra. This can be intergrated on site to your specification or discussed before hand accordingly. 

Click here to find out more about SubTerra

Product resources

Learn more about GENUS MEGAduct™ Multi Duct System with the product resources. For more information on any of our products or services, please get in touch!

Proudly supporting our ever increasing client base

Nationwide Rail chose Polydeck as the only supplier able to commit to the tight programme constraints, principally due to the fact their products are manufactured in the UK. I would like to thank PLURA Polydeck for their close and personal support throughout the project.

Alex McDermott
Managing Director, Nationwide Rail

PLURA Polydeck have served us well. They continuously perform as promised and we’ll be looking at replacing some of our other bridges with them in the future.

Martin James
Bring Engineer, Doncaster Council

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