GENUS SubTerra™

Next Generation Structural Underground Access Chambers & Covers

GENUS SubTerra™ has been developed from a deep understanding and knowledge of many years of experience in the design, production, and most importantly; use, of underground access chambers.

It brings in the next generation of Pre-formed, Structural design, offering many benefits to network owners and constructors alike.




Vertical strength tested up to 90 Tonnes, lateral strength tested up to 50kN/m².

Hybrid System Enhancements

Constructed with PP and/or GRP sections. Further enhancements available with GRP N-Force to increase lateral strength if site conditions require.


Sections are easy and safe to handle without lifting equipment.

Twin Wall Design

Provides for structural chamber walls, with loads in excess of 60 Tonnes.

Castellated Top & Bottom

Provides for a positive interlock between each section.

Huge Size Range

From 150mm² to over 6 metres side walls.

Grooved Top Surface

For bedding of the surface frame and covers.

Staggered Joints

The staggering of corner sections and sidewalls creates a very strong "brick-worked" effect

Duct Entries

Are easily made on-site with a hole saw or factory fitted, capped and ready for use.

Next Generation Structural Underground Access Chambers & Covers


GENUS Apex™ Surface Covers

Conforming to EN124 for Manhole Tops and Gully Grates, our surface covers are available in various materials to suit customer requirements and in loading classes from A15 (1.5 Tonnes pedestrian loads) up to F900 (90 Tonnes for areas imposing particularly high wheel loads, for example Aircraft Aprons).

GRP Composite

Concrete Infill

Ductile Iron


Duct Entries

Duct Entry Knockouts / Pre-made Duct Entry Holes

Access Steps

GRP Access Ladder

Metal & Composite Access Steps

Cable Management

GRP Fibre Joint Managers

GRP Cable Ladders

GRP & Metal Cable Brackets

Base Units and Floors

Non-Slip Base SRV 63

Sump Base


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