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GENUS SubTerra™ Structural Access Chambers

SubTerra™ offers a fully modular and customisable access chamber system without compromising on strength or traditional features. Our fully modular system allows for SubTerra™ to be scaled to site specification and requirements. PP and GRP allows for SubTerra™ to be used in a range of locations, including highways, railways and footpaths due to the high vertical and side wall loadings. SubTerras™ full range of accessories, configurations and access covers makes it one of the industry leaders in access chamber systems. 

Product Overview

SubTerra™ chambers are manufactured from GRP, featuring fully modular, twin wall components. Comprised of straight lengths and corner peices, these combine to create a 150mm deep ring which are interlock using jointing pegs to create a castellated chamber. These components allow us to create a chamber size based on the customers specification. Seperate components also allow for smaller lead times, custom sizing, and easier transport to install location.

  • Fast to install
  • High strength
  • Lightweight

How its Made

SubTerra™ corner peices are designed to offset joints compared to adjacent rings, providing a castelatted brick-work design. This castelation allows for strong sidewall strength when the chamber is installed. Joint pegs securely connect and lock each interstecting peice together to create a full ring. Connected with straight components to acheive your specified chamber dimensions, these rings are then stacked using the grooved tops to your desired height.

Features & Benefits

GENUS SubTerra™ is the perfect balance between High End Technical performance and Commercial Competitiveness.

High strength

Tested freestanding to 90 tonnes vertical and 10 tonnes laterally. No concrete needed. Castelation of rings gives the ability to offset joints between rings to improve sidewall performance.

Fast installation time

Once the hole is dug, installation can take place in under 30 minutes. This is significantly faster installation when compared to other traditional alternatives. Shorter installation times leads to reduced costs for the installer.

Huge size range

From 150mm² to over 6 metres side walls, Subterra™ offers a large range of chamber specifications due to the component system.

Stacking sectional system

150mm deep sections, stack and interlock to provide varying depths of chamber.


Traditional construction methods are outperformed by GRP in chemical resistance, resulting in a longer buried install lifespan.

Flatpack option available

Designed to be packaged effectively and save on national and global shipping costs. Larger chambers can be reduced to stacked solid pallets rather than stacked empty chambers.


Duct entries can be quickly and safely formed in factory or on site. Other customisations are available.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistant


Available in two, totally compatible and interchangeable materials each offering its own advantages when used to construct a single material chamber.

When these are combined in a single Hybrid unit; these individual advantages can be used to create a chamber that has the perfect balance in strength and cost.

Add in the additional N-Force GFRP Profile Beams and Designers have a complete solution for tailoring Pre-Formed Access chambers to their needs.

GRP is ideal for use in chambers from 1 metre clear openings and above it excels all the way up to over 4 metre sidewall lengths. Providing for minimum 40 tonnes vertical
loads up to 90 tonnes, without the need to surround with concrete,

Lateral load resistance is also excellent; designed to support 50kN/m2 and higher; which represents heavy surface surcharge loadings and surrounding ground weight.

When used in combination with the PP version it can significantly increase the lateral resistance capability for medium sized chambers with a 900mm side wall and longer.





Options & Accessories

The SubTerra can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories to fit your needs.

Bell mouths

Completes duct entry for easy cable pull.

GRP access ladder

For extra deep chambers (typically water and sewer applications).

Metal and composite access steps

For safe man access of deeper chambers.

GRP cable ladders

Suited for tidy management of electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication cables.

Available Sizing

SubTerra rings are created using corner peices and straight sections. This can include multiple straight sections to create a larger wall size if needed. Download our brochur eor contact us for more details on sizing and specification.


Product resources

Learn more about GENUS SubTerra™ Structural Access Chambers with the product resources. For more information on any of our products or services, please get in touch!

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