Our commitment to sustainability flows from our way of working, to build and develop a sustainable business, through to designing and taking product solutions to market that are by nature of their application enabling a sustainable and resilient built environment.

  • Recycled materials
  • Long life products
  • Low carbon impact on shipping and installation

We create sustainable products for future generations

Designing for reliability is our principle goal, always beginning the design process with the end user at the centre. We focus on understanding the environment in which the product is installed, how it will be shipped, used & maintained and what the design life needs are. All the time adding a drive to incorporate recycled materials and improvements to energy efficiency in our production processes.

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What we do

Across all of our product ranges we strive to eliminate waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

Recycled bottle core

Each of our POLYbridges & Boardwalks removes thousands of recycled PET drinking bottles from the environment which may otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans.

Product life extensions

Composite materials are thermally and mechanically stable and eliminate the constant removal and replacement process of traditional timber and metal alternatives.

UK manufacture

For our home market, manufacturing certain products locally means less reliance on importing from the Far East cutting carbon emissions and supply lead times.

Shipping efficiency

For those innovative products we ship overseas ourselves, much has been focussed on design for efficient packing, keeping the carbon impact to an absolute minimum.

Off site assembly

With factory fitting, kit out, assembly and fabrication we always aim to keep on site work to a minimum to eliminate waste and emissions.

Recycled plastics

Some of our products are made completely from plastic and in all cases we use recycled materials.

Our environmental impact

  • Recycled material

    wherever possible

  • Locally produced

    in the UK

  • Efficiency in design

    to reduce transport emissions

Related case studies

Our products offer an improvement in sustainability.

Tickhill footbridges

Having collaborated on previous projects, Doncaster Council Contracted Polydeck, the footbridge specialist, for help in replacing two very old and dilapidated rural footbridges.

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