Profiles, Sheet & Grating

The smart alternative to traditional materials

At the core of everything we do; Glass Re-Enforced Polyester (GRP) profiles and mouldings offer high strength structural properties for a low weight not found in traditional materials. When the added benefits of non-conductivity and non-corrosiveness are included; GRP provides a real cost-effective alternative to steel, concrete and wood

PLURA are unusual in so far that we have invested in our own pultrusion capabilities; which puts us in a ‘small club’ in Europe, in times when most of these products are imported from the Far East.

We strongly believe that having control over the entire process from profile and sheet production through to CNC machining, produces the highest quality of product possible in the most cost-effective way. We are able to specify the raw materials to get the performance we want in the finished products.

We also offer clients the ability to buy in non-standard lengths and bespoke sizes and colours not found with off the shelf sources. Because it is all UK made; the turn-around times and quantities required are much lower than bringing in containers from the Far East.

The primary advantage in a construction / infrastructure environment is their high Strength to Weight ratio, with secondary but equally important benefits being their non-corrosive, non-conductive and thermal insulating properties.

Projects can benefit greatly from specifying composites versus traditional materials like steel, particularly from the major weight savings it provides. Less weight means less energy to deliver, move and deploy.

Whilst reducing whole of life costs; as composites will not corrode, rust or rot like traditional materials.

Add the fact that composite profiles, sheet and gratings can be CNC machined (similar to wood); they can be converted and adapted from the basic machine produced items into finished products. This provides designers, specifiers and asset owners with a wealth of opportunities to exploit these benefits in uses from fencing to cable management and from structures to site safety products.


High Strength to Low Weight

Less Maintenance